Sloane is a boutique property developer focused on all aspects of the development cycle. From acquisition and design through to construction and marketing, we manage development projects from concept to completion. At Sloane, we believe that property development is about detail, personality and striking a balance between form and function.

Based in Melbourne, our strong network of like minded consultants include architects, town planners, interior designers and landscape architects. We work to create beautifully designed homes that blend creative design principles with modern living requirements and thoughtful use of open spaces. At Sloane, we collaborate with industry leading and innovative consultants who share the same passion for space, design and form.

As a boutique developer, progressive and creative thinking is at the core of our business. This ensures that lifestyle, environment and aesthetics are incorporated into every Sloane development. With meticulous attention to detail and a passion for materials and finishes, we look to deliver carefully planned developments, designed and built to the highest quality to create an immersive living experience.

With a steadily expanding portfolio and exciting future projects in the pipeline, we’re committed to identifying opportunities and capitalising on the potential that each property presents.

Our Services include:
• Joint Venture Developments
• Acquisitions
• Town Planning
• Sub-divisions
• Project Management

Meet Adam

Adam is the founder and Director of Sloane. With over twenty years experience in the property industry with roles in property management, sales, finance and development, Adam brings considerable market experience & knowledge to each project.

Adam prides himself on his creativity, a passion for solving problems and bringing something fresh and considered to each new project. The end result is design focused developments with personality that are crafted with the resident at the forefront.

With a passion for property, Adam is heavily involved in all aspects of each development from acquisition to design through to settlements. Adam is committed to crafting developments where space and comfort are paramount.

• Masters (Property)
• Bachelor of Business (Marketing / Banking & Finance)

“Property development is a privilege which is not to be taken lightly.
As a developer, I recognise that we are changing not just the landscape of suburbs through the external façade of projects, but also the lives of the people that will reside within the spaces built.”

Joint Ventures

Our passion is property and we value strong relationships and quality investments. Our end to end process brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to each development.

If you’re looking for ways to maximise the potential value in your property, we can guide you through the entire process from town planning through to development approval, construction and sales. We look forward to discussing your goals and how we can work with you to make the process smooth and profitable.